The Ovation Electric Guitar Is An Acoustical Innovation

The Ovation electric guitar has been an acoustical innovation from the start. Now manufactured by the Ovation Guitar Company, they were the brainchild of Charles Kaman. Kaman was an amateur guitarist and engineer. Click on the link to read more about the Ovation Electric Guitar

The Martin Backpacker Guitar is Travel Ready

The Martin Backpacker Guitar was designed to travel. It is a special construct with the idea that it could easily accompany you on a backpacking trip. Put it inside its gig bag, it also comes with a strap, and it fits neatly into the overhead compartment of an airplane. Click on the link to read more about the Martin Backpacker Guitar

Restringing An Electric Guitar

To get started restringing an electric guitar, you will need a few things. A couple of these items are optional, so please take note.Click on the link to read more about Restringing An Electric Guitar