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We are seeing the rapid rise of professional female electric guitarists during the past few decades. Today, almost six decades after the electric guitar took over the American musical scene, there are many guitar manufacturers that make electric guitars specially designed to fit the female body and hands. These guitars have slimmer necks than the standard guitars to enable easier playing for people with smaller hands. They are also lightweight. They are contoured to fit the female body.

The most popular manufacturers of electric guitars for the female artist are Daisy Rock, Gibson, Squier, Luna, Gibson and Epiphone. A quick overview follows:

Daisy Rock

Daisy Rock is the number one manufacturer who is dedicated to making high-quality guitars for female artists at affordable prices. Their Stardust Venus Elite is a double cutaway guitar with a jazzed up look and high-output hum buckers. Their “Tom Boy” is a versatile guitar with a slim Agathis body and thin maple neck. It has some amazing pick up and tone variations with its pair of three-way tone tap switches. The Daisy Rock Candy Custom Special is attracting a lot of attention with its unique feminine contour styling and serious hardware. It has a string-through body for increased sustain and a pair of Duncan-designed Detonator humbucker pickups.


Gibson’s Les Paul Goddess is an exceptional girl guitar in the Les Paul tradition. This guitar is classy and innovative, with an authentic pair of 490R and 498T humbucker pickups to maintain the legendary Les Paul sound. The Gibson SG Goddess comes in a range of female-oriented finishes including Rose Burst, Violet Burst, Ice Burst and Ebony and belts out the typical SG sound from a pair of Alnico magnet humbucker pickups. Gibson’s Les Paul Vixen is lightweight, simple and stylish and resembles the Les Paul Studio but with a thinner neck and body design.


Here’s a manufacturer who gives great quality at absolutely down to earth prices with its Hello Kitty Stratocaster. It is built with an Agathis body; maple C shaped neck and fretboard with 21 frets, single humbucking pickup and a big headstock.


Epiphone makes the exclusive limited edition Emily The Strange G310 for female artists. It has a pair of pearl cat’s eyes inlays at the 12th fret. And comes with an Emily embellished guitar strap and gig bag.


This company is an exclusive girl-guitar company. The Luna Andromeda is a hard-rocking double cutaway basswood electric solid body guitar and has a Floyd Rose locking tremolo. Its compact neck profile makes it easy on small female hands. The mother of pearl inlays portrays the different phases of the moon. The Luna Athena Hollow body is very lightweight, produces warm tones and looks great. This guitar also has a compact neck profile to suit the female physique and comes with a sun mist and aqua mist finish. The Luna Athena has a single cutaway light basswood hollow body.

With the above choice, the female artist has some great options to consider while selecting the electric guitar that fits her personality, feels comfortable but sports some serious playability according to her style of music.

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