Top Rated Acoustic Electric Guitars

Some of the top rated acoustic electric guitars in the market are Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Washburn, BC Rich, Guild, Martin, Takamine, Dean Yamaha – the list is long. Here is a brief look at these top rated acoustic electric guitars:


Gibson has produced some of the most amazing guitars in history. The Gibson acoustic electric guitar’s good looks combined with ease of playability and incredible sound are the result of meticulous building techniques and quality material. Gibson continues to hand-build their guitars.


Fender has a longstanding tradition of quality guitars. It is among the most popular music brands in the world, making guitars for all kinds of players, from beginners to advanced.


Ibanez has been making innovative and original guitars for over thirty years now. These are of a high standard and provide an affordable alternative to the other popular mahogany double-humbucker guitars.


Washburn Guitars are built for artists and students alike, across all musical genres. Washburn acoustic electrics can make you confident that you are getting exceptional quality at great prices.

BC Rich

B.C. Rich guitars’ trademark is impeccable quality, dramatic looks, and great playability. Players cherish these guitars.


Guild has grown through the years to become one of the world's best-known guitar brands. They began from a small loft in New York City. Today they produce some of the best and most beautiful guitars ever produced in America. When Fender acquired Guild in 1995, it was reassuring to know that they became a part of a company dedicated to producing the finest value in American made guitars.


Proud owners of Martin include Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, Kurt Cobain, Joni Mitchell – and many other distinguished artists. For the last century and a half, the Martin Guitar Company has maintained the reputation of a producer of guitars of unparalleled quality.


Takamine guitars have set the standard for stage electro-acoustics and are used by many artists all around the world.


Dean Zelinsky started to build guitars at the tender age of 19 and was popular by the time he was in his early 20’s. The large inverted ‘V’ headstock with the strings widely splayed before they meet the chrome-plated kidney-button Grover machine heads is one of Dean’s most distinctive trademarks. Dean Guitars are versatile and great for hard rock/metal. Being lightweight, you can play them for hours. Most players like the string through body design.


Yamaha guitars have quality construction, superior tone, and easy playability. Yamaha guitars, basses and amplifiers come from a worldwide network of design, development and production facilities manned by a large group of highly talented individuals. They work as a team to bring the end user the benefit of their innovative ideas and designs. Even used Yamaha Guitars for sale are priced just marginally lower than the new ones.

You will find a very wide range of excellent quality top rated acoustic electric guitars from world-renowned manufacturers at affordable prices - no matter what your preferences, there is one for you.

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