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Are you looking for a FREE online guitar tuner? Here it is...

The free online guitar tuner is a great tool in helping you learn how to tune a guitar. Tuning your guitar is one of the most important things and is the first step to successful guitar playing. A well-tuned guitar always sounds better. Your online guitar lessons will sound great with a tuned guitar.

It takes a little time to learn to tune your guitar, but this gets easy with practice. It is important to develop an "ear" for the right tone. If you play a chord, and it just doesn't sound quite right, one or more strings could be out of tune, and need tuning up. You will soon become familiar with the tone of what "sharp" and "flat" sound like, in addition to what "in tune" sounds like. Soon you will know how to tune a guitar by ear.

Free online guitar tuners are very easy to use. You can turn up your computer speakers and click a note on the guitar tuner on your screen to play it. Some people can actually hear/feel the sound wave vibration that the "in tune" string makes. They know the individual string is in tune when they can't hear/feel the vibration anymore. The wave sine is said to be flat. Some folks use combinations of both techniques.

By using your online guitar tuner, you can properly tune your guitar.. After tuning your guitar, play around with the tuning on one string. Play with one note by raising the pitch slightly and listening to what "sharp" sounds like. Then lower the pitch back to "in tune" to hear what the "natural" note sounds like. Now lower the pitch and listen to what "flat" sounds like. Again, using our online guitar tuner, re-tune back to "in tune". When you practice this technique on each string, it will help you learn to tune your guitar by ear.

There are quite a few free online guitar tuners available. These are web-based tools that allow you to generate the tones of each of the guitar strings, and use these tones to tune your guitar by ear.

Electronic tuners are useful since electric guitars can be connected to them directly and ensure an almost accurate tuning job. But if you don’t have an electronic tuner available, and you can tune the guitar to a reference pitch, using a free online guitar tuner is certainly a good option.

Getting a Free Downloadable Tuner

There are software utilities that may be downloaded to your PC or laptop, so you will not need an Internet connection to use them. Free online guitar tuners have a simple interface, and some great features like an auto-advance switch, guitar or tone setting, and an adjustable delay between strings. This tuner can be used either directly from the web or downloaded free of charge. If you can tune by ear to a reference tune and have access to a computer, this is certainly a cost-effective option for tuning your guitar.

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