Learn To Play Malaguena With Guitar Tab

Flamenco Guitar: Learn To Play Malaguena With Guitar Tab
By Peter Edvinsson Platinum Quality Author

Flamenco guitar is an art that it is hard to master. But is it possible to play a flamenco guitar melody that is easy to learn for a beginner. Come and see!

Flamenco is a song, music and dance style which has its roots in Moorish and Jewish musical traditions.

Flamenco culture has become one of the icons of Spanish music and even Spanish culture in general.

The flamenco guitar comes from the lute and is made of Spanish cypress and spruce and is smaller than a classical guitar with a sharper sound.

Malaguena is a flamenco style with its roots in the local fandango of Malaga.

You will not need to read sheet music to play this flamenco guitar piece. We will instead use guitar tablature. You will only use four strings on the guitar.

The string with the highest pitch is called the first string or E-string. Look at the following guitar tab with four strings indicated:

1. -------------------------
2. ---------0-----------0---
3. -----1-----------1-------
4. -2-----------2-----------

This is a tablature staff and the number 2 on the fourth string indicate that you play the fourth string while pressing down the second fret.

The next note is played on the first fret on the third string. The zero indicate that you play the note without pressing down any fret.

Play the melody with your thumb and with your first finger resting on the first string for later use.

Here is the next guitar tablature part:

1. -------------------------
2. -----1---0---------------
3. -2-----------2---0-------
4. ---------------------3---

After the last note on the third fret on the fourth string you just start over again with the first guitar tab staff.

Now it is time to introduce your first finger on your right hand into the melody. After every note you play with your thumb you just have to pluck the first string with your first finger. In guitar tab it looks like this:

1. -----0-------0------
2. -----------------0--
3. ---------1----------
4. -2------------------

And so on for the rest of the melody!

I hope you will find this very simplified flamenco guitar tab melody enjoyable. I guess many people will recognize the melody when they hear you play it.

Flamenco guitar playing is of course an art that is hard to master but this little flamenco piece doesn't sound so bad. Does it!

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