Preserving Electric Guitars

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For any equipment, regular maintenance is vital to ensure optimum performance. The electric guitar has many parts, which play an important role in the guitar's tone and playability. Let us look at ways of preserving electric guitars.

Guitar Cases
One of the first things needed to preserve your electric guitar is a guitar case, preferably hard shell. Soft gig bags can damage your guitar if you accidentally bump into something. You get hard shell cases of different qualities. The better ones have arched tops and backs, making them resistant to heavy objects. With the uneven surface, it is less likely that you will sit anything else on them. If money is no object, go ahead and get a flight case, which is the safest for your electric guitar.

Don’t ever lay your guitar on the floor or keep it leaning against a chair or wall. Keep your guitar case handy and within reach. When you are not playing, keep your guitar in its case with the top closed and latched.Even if someone picks it up suddenly it is safe.

Guitar Stands
Guitar stands with non-slip rubber or felt padding to hold the guitar during gigs are very useful. A rubber band holds the neck to the stand to keep it from toppling off.

Keeping Your Electric Guitar Clean
Always use a clean lint-free cotton cloth to wipe your guitar. For tougher dirt moisten it slightly. Avoid paper towels, as they will scratch the finish. For guitars that have cracks in the finish, never use oil that might penetrate it, as it will stain the wood permanently.

Avoiding Extreme Temperatures
Avoid rapid temperature changes. When you bring in your guitar from the cold in winter, allow it to warm up in its case for a while before removing it. Otherwise, abrupt warming will make the wood expand unevenly. The braces are also likely to expand and loosen.

Storing Your Guitar
Suppose you need to store your guitar for a few months, lower the string tension, but don’t loosen the strings completely. Keep the guitar clean and polished. Dirt can just work itself into the guitar if left without cleaning.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

The heat from the sun can melt the glues in your guitar making the string tension pull the bridge off or lift its top. Heat and sunlight can also damage the finish and make the woods in your guitar look old and faded almost overnight.

General Maintenance
  • Lubricate tuning Keys and nut slots (the groove where the string sits) periodically.
  • Depending on how much you play, you will need to have your frets dressed from time to time.
  • Wipe down your strings and fingerboard after you play with a soft cloth.
  • Moisturize the fingerboard to prevent cracking if you don’t play often.
  • Keep the bridge slots well lubricated with soap.

Humidity can be your guitar’s greatest enemy. Guitars are happiest in a cool dry environment, so try as far as possible to keep them dry in their case. Most of all play your guitar as often as possible to keep it in great shape.

Preserving Electric Guitars

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